‘Apple adds function in iOS 13 to use iPad as a second monitor’

Apple would add functionality in iOS 13 that makes it possible to use an iPad as a second monitor in combination with a Mac computer or laptop. The new mobile operating system is also reportedly getting a dark mode.

Mark Gurman, a journalist known for his contacts within Apple, has posted a long list of changes in iOS 13 in a Bloomberg article. He says he got that information from sources familiar with the development.

According to Gurman, iOS 13 will have functionality similar to the Duet Display and Luna Display apps. This allows users to use an iPad as a second screen in combination with a Mac computer. The tablet screen can be used as an extension and also for drawing with an Apple Pencil.

A Dark Mode would also make an appearance in iOS 13. There were rumors about this before. Furthermore, Apple is said to be testing a virtual keyboard on which users can swipe words, as is already possible with Swiftkey. Gurman writes that Apple may keep this feature internal.

According to the detailed list of updates, iMessage is getting updates that allow users to set a profile picture and name and choose who can see it. There would also be a menu in conversations with sticker versions of Animojis and Memojis.

Also, other Apple apps like Reminders, Books, Maps and Mail are reportedly getting changes. The new version of Apple Maps should make it easier to set up frequently used locations, such as a home or work address. Books would get a reward system and Mail would include functionality to block messages from certain contacts.

In the meantime, Apple is said to be working on iOS 14 under the codename Azul. That version will be released in 2020 and would include support for 5g networks and add new augmented reality functionality. Apple is rumored to start mass production of its AR glasses by next year at the latest.

Furthermore, Apple plans to have its HomePod speaker respond to different voices. This would make it possible to use the smart speaker with different people and to personalize the answers.

Gurman also discusses the innovations for macOS 10.15. The biggest change would be support for running iPad applications on laptops and PCs this year. Developers must make their apps suitable for this so that they can also run on macOS. Apple would make its own Podcasts app and new app that combines Find My iPhone and Find My Friends available on macOS.

Updates are also expected for watchOS 6. According to Gurman, the new operating system for Apple’s smartwatches will have direct access to the App Store. The Voice Memos app is also coming to the smart watch and there will be a Books app that should make it possible to listen to audiobooks from the Apple Watch.

Apple is expected to officially announce the news at the WWDC developer conference, which kicks off on June 3. According to Gurman, Apple is also considering introducing the new version of the Mac Pro at that event, along with a new monitor with HDR support. The screen would be codenamed J290.