Developers release ARM version Windows 10 for Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

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The WoAProject has released firmware that makes it easier for Microsoft Lumia 950 XL users to install Windows 10 on ARM on their phone. To install the firmware, all you need is an unlocked bootloader and a Windows tool.

First, users had to download an ISO file and drivers themselves to install Windows 10 on ARM on a Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. With the FFU firmware released by WoAProject, this is no longer necessary. This firmware puts a pre-installed version of Windows 10 on ARM on the phones, allowing the users to work with the operating system right away. After installation, 25GB of storage remains.

The developers warn that the firmware is still experimental and should only be used for testing purposes. When someone installs the Windows 10 version on a phone, the original Windows 10 Mobile operating system comes off the phone. Users are therefore advised to back up all data.

With Windows 10 on ARM, Lumia 950XL users can solve a common complaint about the Windows phones; the lack of apps. Windows 10 on ARM comes with emulation that allows x86 programs to work on the ARM processors. As a result, a Youtuber got the original Fallout from 1997 working on a Lumia 950XL. The phone seems to be having a hard time displaying the game smoothly. Anyone who had hoped to be able to play GTA V smoothly will probably be disappointed.

There are also drawbacks to the operating system. For example, calling with Windows 10 on ARM is not possible for the time being, there are bugs in the system and the interface made for desktops is somewhat priegelig on the 5.7 “large telephone screen.

The Microsoft Lumia 950XL came out at the end of 2015 and was the last Windows 10 Mobile top model from Microsoft. The phone came with a Snapdragon 810 and 3GB of RAM. The smaller brother, the regular Lumia 950, came out simultaneously and got a Snapdragon 808. For the smaller Lumia 950, the WOAProject is also working on FFU firmware. FFU stands for Full Flash Update. This allows developers to place an image of an internal drive on another drive, including the operating system.

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