Analyst: Most Expensive New iPhone Gets Same Price as Current iPhone X

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This year’s most expensive new Apple smartphone will cost about the same as the current iPhone X, says Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who has often made accurate predictions about unannounced Apple products.

The ‘iPhone X Plus’ with 6.5″ OLED screen should cost about a thousand dollars, the price of the current iPhone X, reports Kuo according to 9to5Mac. For that price, customers will receive the first iPhone with dual SIM functionality. one or more iPhones with dual SIM option would appear in 2018.

The successor to the current iPhone X with 5.8 “OLED screen will probably cost slightly less than now, while the model with 6.1 “LCD should yield around seven hundred dollars. That is the same as the current iPhone 8. It would be available in new colors such as orange and blue.

The models with OLED screens are more expensive, partly because those screens are more expensive to purchase than LCDs. Apple would also reportedly make a difference in the cameras of the various iPhones. Apple would like to release three new iPhones this year: a direct successor to the iPhone X with 5.8″ OLED screen, an ‘iPhone X Plus’ with 6.5″ OLED screen and a cheaper variant with a 6.1″ LCD .

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