Battle Royale Game Fear the Wolves Coming to Steam Early Access July 18

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The battle royale game Fear the Wolves will be released on Steam Early Access on July 18. This title is a spin-off of Stalker, the 2007 shooter that, like Fear the Wolves, is set in the radioactively contaminated area around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

The game’s developer, Vostok Games, reports on the Steam page that Fear the Wolves isn’t all about fighting 99 other opponents; players will also have to deal with mutated creatures, such as packs of aggressive wolves, dangerous anomalies, radiation and dynamically changing weather with a day-and-night cycle. Players can acquire protective gear to enter the dangerous radioactive zones where the most powerful weapons can be found.

The only map in Fear the Wolves covers 25 square kilometers and will set the stage for two modes. There is a classic battle royale mode where players parachute onto the map and be the last to survive. When there are only a handful of players left, they have to fight for a single spot in a helicopter. Whoever manages to get on board is rescued from the area and wins the round. The developer reports that there will also be a second mode, which gives a certain twist to the genre, but no details have been announced yet.

The new mode and a number of other elements from the game will only be available after a few months. The game is now in beta phase. According to the developer, the game is stable, but there are still some bugs and some features are still missing. The price of the game has not yet been announced. The game should come out of Early Access sometime in 2019 and console users will be able to play it too.

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