Analyst firm: Sprint sold 5,000 Essential smartphones so far

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Provider Sprint has sold 5,000 units of the Essential PH1 smartphone in the month since its release, an analyst firm claims based on market research. It is the first time that an analyst firm provides an estimate of the start-up’s sales.

The number of five thousand is what provider Sprint, the only provider to offer the Essential Phone, has sold, reports Fierce Wireless. Baystreet Research has not estimated how many copies Essential has sold through its own web shop. Although Americans in general are much more likely to buy smartphones through a provider, Sprint is known as the network with the least coverage and so the Essential Phone could be sold relatively often via its own web store.

With a number of five thousand, Essential would not have acquired a place among the major smartphone manufacturers. Apple and Samsung supply tens of millions of smartphones every month. However, other manufacturers have more models, many more points of sale and sell their devices worldwide.

Essential declined to comment on this initial estimate. The start-up of Android founder Andy Rubin has not yet released figures on the sales of its Essential PH-1 phone. The American manufacturer started the delivery of its first smartphone last month.

Android co-founder Andy Rubin unveiled the smartphone on May 3. The device, which includes a Snapdragon 835-soc, a 5.7-inch screen, thin bezels, a titanium case and modular capabilities, is the company’s first product. The phone costs $ 699, without additional modules such as the 360-degree camera The company is also working on a smart speaker.

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