AMD releases Threadripper 3990X with 64 cores starting February 7 for $3990

During a presentation at CES, AMD officially presented the Threadripper 3990X. This third Threadripper 3000 processor has 64 cores and will be available February 7 for a price of $3990.

The Threadripper 3990X, like the previously released 3960X and 3970X, with 24 and 32 cores respectively, is based on the Zen 2 architecture with 7nm cores. The tdp is equal to 280W, but the clock speeds are slightly lower: where the 3960X and 3970X have a base clock of 3.8 and 3.7GHz respectively, that of the 3990X is at 2.9GHz. The turbo clock speed of the two previously released Threadripper CPUs is at 4.5GHz, while that of the 3990X is 4.3GHz. It is not yet known what the turbo is for all cores.

It was already clear that this CPU with eight cores per chiplet was coming and a number of specifications were already known, but that was not yet the case for the price, release date and clock speeds. For example, it was already known that the new Threadripper would get 288MB cache, which is twice as much as the 3970X with 32 cores. The 3990X works just like the 3960X and 3970X on the TRX40 motherboards. AMD takes on the processors against Intel’s Cascade Lake-X processors.

Processor Architecture cores/threads Clock. / turbo (GHz) cache (total) tdp price
Threadripper 3990X Zen 2 64/128 2.9 / 4.3 288MB 280W $3990
Threadripper 3970X Zen 2 32/64 3.7 / 4.5 144MB 280W € 1,995
Threadripper 3960X Zen 2 24/48 3.8 / 4.5 140MB 280W € 1,385
Threadripper 2990WX Zen+ 32/64 3.0 / 4.2 64MB 250W Unknown
Threadripper 2970WX Zen+ 24/48 3.0 / 4.2 64MB 250W Unknown
Threadripper 2950X Zen+ 16/32 3.5 / 4.4 32MB 180W € 979,-
Threadripper 2920X Zen+ 12/24 3.5 / 4.3 32MB 180W €413.61