AMD lowers prices of Threadripper processors

AMD has lowered the prices of its series of Ryzen Threadripper processors. These are substantial reductions, with some models receiving a 50 percent lower retail price. Incidentally, the retail price is usually lower than the AMD retail price.

A list of new prices of the Threadripper series recently appeared on the internet, and AMD confirmed via a spokesman to PC Gamer that the information is correct. It concerns the American recommended prices, whereby the first generation processors get a lower price. The 1950X goes down from 999 dollars to 799 dollars, and the 1900X is lowered from 449 dollars to 299 dollars. The 1920X gets the biggest price drop, of about 50 percent; the suggested retail price ranges from $ 799 to $ 399.
From information in the Pricewatch, it appears that the prices of the first generation of Threadripper processors have already fallen sharply recently. Nevertheless, it is plausible that price decreases will occur in the coming period; the first generation of Threadripper processors have become steadily cheaper over the past few months, to retail prices that are considerably below AMD’s suggested retail price.