YouTube Creators can build in ads that can not be skipped

YouTube partners have the ability to place ads in their videos that can not be skipped by viewers. Creators who already have the opportunity to make money with ads will get this option.

The ability to place ads that can not be skipped by users has been announced by YouTube in a video explaining how this form of advertising comes from to see. It is possible for YouTubers who can place advertisements in their videos to convert them to a form that can not be skipped; now these participants in the YouTube Partner Program can only place ads that can be skipped, and the possibility to place non-skippable ads limited to certain YouTube-enabled video channels
Advertisements that can not be skipped are limited to a length of 15 to 20 seconds, depending on the location of the user. Previously, the limit was 30 seconds, but YouTube has now reduced it. After introduction, creators will be able to convert the ads that they have already placed in their videos in bulk to a format that can not be skipped.
From next week, it should be possible for all creators to become non-skippable. place ads. They will be notified as soon as the functionality is available.