AMD Link app lets PC games stream to Android TV and Apple TV

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AMD has updated its existing Link app to allow users to stream their PC games to TVs running the Android TV operating system and Apple TV devices.

AMD reports that the Link app supports TVs running Android TV 7 or later, as well as fourth- and fifth-generation Apple TVs running at least tvOS 12. In addition, users need a PC with a Radeon GPU and Radeon Software Adrenaline Edition 19.7.1. Users can also use version 19.5.1, but then the automatic recognition function will not work and a connection must be established manually. Users who want to play PC games via Apple TV or Android TV will also need to connect a controller.

The Link app originally came out in 2017 and was still quite limited at the time. The program then lacked the capacity to stream games over its own home network and was mainly intended for displaying information about the video card or starting ReLive for recording and sharing gameplay videos. Later, the app got the ability to stream games to VR glasses, mobile phones and tablets. This basically made Link similar to Steam Link. In addition, it was already possible to send and control movies or arbitrary programs that run on the desktop to smartphones or tablets.

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