AMD EPYC Genoa, Bergamo and Turin CPUs Support New SP6 Socket

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The upcoming AMD EPYC Genoa and Bergamo server CPUs are both compatible with the new SP6 socket, according to roadmaps published online. The same documents mention two subsequent generations of CPUs, codenamed Turin and Genoa-X.

Image via AdoredTV

AMD is thus making the upcoming Genoa and Bergamo processors within the EPYC series compatible with the new SP5 and SP6 sockets, according to documents published by AdoredTV. SP6 is intended for less powerful EPYC systems and therefore only supports 6 DDR5 memory channels, 48 ​​Compute Express Link and 96 PCI Express 5.0 lanes. SP5 is intended for more advanced systems and according to the documents supports 12 memory channels, 64 CXLs and up to 150 PCIe 5.0 lanes respectively.

EPYC Genoa and Bergamo CPUs also offer space for up to 96 cores/192 threads and 128 cores/256 threads respectively in an SP5 socket, according to the alleged internal slides. This depends on the architecture of the two concurrent generations of server processors. As previously announced, Genoa is using Zen 4 architecture while Bergamo is moving to Zen 4c. Server processors in an SP6 socket support up to 32 and 64 cores for Zen 4 and Zen 4c, respectively.

Assuming the roadmap is indeed legitimate, AMD will begin production of Genoa processors for SP5 sockets in the third quarter of this year, while production of Genoa X refresh is slated for Q1 2023. The first SP6 CPUs will be made from the second quarter of 2023.

Image via AdoredTV

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