Amazon’s New World mmo game gets open beta on September 9

New World, the upcoming mmo game from Amazon Games, is getting an open beta open to the public from September 9 to September 12. With the beta, more gamers should get a chance to test the game before its scheduled release on September 28.

Amazon Games also showed a new trailer during GamesCom that reveals more details about the game world and the story of New World. The mmo game was set to be released on August 31, after being delayed three times. However, early this month, New World’s development team announced that the game’s release had been delayed for a fourth time, this time to September 28. The developers told on Twitter that they want to take a few extra weeks to process the feedback on the closed beta.

New World was announced in 2019. Amazon reported in December of that year that the game would be released in May 2020, but the release date has been pushed back several times. Between July 20 and August 2, Amazon Studios held a closed beta, which was well played. According to Amazon, more than a million people have played the test version, which together accounted for more than 16 million hours of playtime. The beta version also suffered from some technical issues, including a notable issue that caused some players’ RTX 3090 video cards to burn out while playing the game.

The story in New World revolves around the island of Aeternum, which was inhabited by the Ancients in the distant past. They made use of the powers of Azoth, which, among other things, would ensure eternal life. Settlers attempt to take control of the island in the 17th century, battling rivals and an evil force called Corruption.

New World can currently be pre-ordered from 40 euros for the standard edition. The Deluxe Edition costs 50 euros. Players interested in the open beta will be able to request access through Steam’s PlayTest functionality or through New World’s Steam page starting Wednesday, September 8 at 4 PM, according to the developers.