Amazon starts selling Google Chromecast dongles

Web store Amazon has started selling Google’s Chromecast products again. The retailer had promised that a year ago, but the hardware was not available from Amazon until now. It’s all about so far

The German, French and British version of the web store, where many people from the Benelux buy their Amazon goods, do not have the Chromecast in their range. The American version does, reports Android Police. also delivers the products to the Benelux, but then there are high shipping costs.

The inclusion of the Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast v3 comes a year after Amazon promised to do so again. The online store sold the products, which compete with Amazon’s own Fire hardware for TVs, until 2015, but had stopped doing so. When Amazon and Google got into a battle over YouTube’s support for Amazon’s Echo Show speaker with screen, Amazon promised to sell the products again.

The Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast v3 have been on sale for some time at other retailers and in Google’s web store, allowing users to buy what they wanted. Amazon has not commented further on starting sales of the dongles. Users of the Echo Show cannot access YouTube in a native app, but Google’s video site does work in the browser that Amazon has put on the devices.

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