Amazon shuts down trading system in New World again due to duplication glitch

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Amazon Games has again shut down the ‘economy’ of mmo game New World. The studio is doing this because of a glitch that allowed players to duplicate rare items. Amazon recently did the same because of a bug that allowed gold to be duplicated.

New World player SvYaT made mention of the glitch on the New World forum. Players could use the glitch to duplicate valuable items for free, PC Gamer writes. These objects could then be sold. For example, some players would have abused the glitch to duplicate and sell trophies. Those are rare pieces of furniture that provide in-game buffs. SvYaT reports that trophies were offered on a large scale, with the result that their prices have fallen two to three times.

A New World community manager said in response that Amazon is aware of the duplication exploit. The company temporarily disables “all forms of capital transfer” within the mmo game. As a result, it is currently impossible to send money, view a guild’s cash register, or use trading posts. Player-to-player trading is also disabled.

“Action will be taken against all players who have used this exploit,” the community manager wrote. It is unknown when New World’s trading systems will be reactivated. It is also unknown exactly how many players exploited the glitch.

It’s not the first time Amazon Games has shut down New World’s trading systems due to a duplication glitch. The same thing happened in early November, when players discovered a bug that allowed in-game currency to be duplicated. Amazon Games also said at the time that it would punish players who exploited the glitch.

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