Adidas goes for sustainable shoes

Adidas is a leader when it comes to innovative and innovative products. The brand wants to use 3D and 4D printers to produce shoes. The brand recently announced that it would make shoes without laces. The sports brand now also focuses on sustainability, with the plan to only release shoes and clothing with recycled plastic.

Adidas sustainable shoes and clothing

The goal of Adidas is to make all products with recycled plastic in 2024. Adidas will no longer use new plastic in the future. Not in the products, but also not in offices, outlets, department stores and distribution centers.

The summer collection of 2019 will consist of 41 percent of recycled polyester. Earlier, Adidas had already made plastic shoes that had been intercepted on the beaches before it ended up in the ocean, the Parley shoes. These shoes will also increasingly be sold as expected.

Brands want sustainability

More and more companies focus on the reduction of plastic use. MacDonald’s, Starbucks, American Express and IKEA were even better than Adidas. This is how IKEA wants to get rid of the plastic plates, cutlery and bags. Starbucks and MacDonald’s replace the straws with mouthpieces. These large companies may also use other companies to pay attention to sustainability.

A lot still needs to be done, but at least there seems to be an eye for sustainability. That is the first step.