Compile your own bike with Trek

The Tour de France is in full swing and Paris is approaching kilometers by mile. Not only the cyclists go to the limit, but also the bike manufacturers see the Tour as a great opportunity to show themselves from the best side. So claiming

Cannondale and Specialized both have produced the fastest bike . They see the Tour de France as a bicycle against a bicycle, instead of a man against a man.

Trek also joins the battle for the best bike. But not only that. Trek comes with custom-built bicycles, which means that people can ‘build’ the bike from wheel to rear wheel.

Create your own bike

Bicycle manufacturer Trek comes up with Project One Icon . Here you choose a bicycle from a number of models of cycling and mountain bikes. Then you can compose the bike yourself.

Color scheme

It starts with the color scheme. Patterns and colors of the existing Trek models can be mixed. There is a wide choice, because with 40 shades for the frame the color can be adjusted to your own taste.

Other bicycle parts

Cyclists can choose a lot in their own bike. The chain, the wheel set, the tires, the handles, the handlebar and seatpost and the saddle can all be adjusted. And do not forget the color of the tape of the handles. Even separate parts and accessories can be chosen, such as the bottle cage, pedals and Bluetooth sensors that can measure cadence and strength.

Trek takes a different direction

Other bicycle manufacturers mainly focus on the fastest, the most comfortable and the most special bike. Trek, with this step, also lays a share with the consumer. Will other bicycle brands take over? People simply want to have control over the product they buy. This could just be a great success.