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A new Virtual Reality experience: Exoleap

Mechamenia has launched a new Virtual Reality attraction: Exoleap. It is a flight simulator with which you travel to a distant exoplanet. You imagine yourself in space and participate in missions. What makes this attraction special?


Mechamenia used various techniques to make the VR experience as realistic and special as possible. Exoleap is based on the XSpherion, a full motion simulator with a height of seven meters. The simulator accurately follows the movements of the aircraft, making you feel every movement. These movements are combined with a Virtual Reality helmet. The helmet resembles a pilot helmet and has high-resolution displays and advanced functions.

Friend team

It is a social experience, because while flying you can see and speak to your friends. Together you can make maneuvers, hunt hostile drones and perform missions as a team. Between the trips you can discuss these missions with your friends.

In the beginning of 2019 the first Exoleap will be opened in Nijmegen. There will be several simulators and a group of four can fly at the same time.

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