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Netflix announces a second season of ‘The End of the F ** king World’

The End of the F ** king World … With this Netflix in January brought a series to the viewers, who elicited a lot of reactions. The series is bizarre, sarcastic, unpredictable, and at the same time very good. And yes, the series gets a sequel. After the unprecedented success of the first season, it was almost impossible.

The End of the F ** king World

The story in season 1 follows Alyssa and James, who become friends. James thinks he’s a psychopath, since he kills animals without feeling anything. His next step is to kill a man. Alyssa is rebellious and she wants to find her father. A road trip to the father follows, but James has Alyssa as victim in the sights and wants to kill her …

Season two

Is there anything left for a second season? The End of the F ** king World is based on a comic book. The first season ended where the comic book also stopped, so everything is open for a sequel. The director listens to ideas from fans of the series. The challenge is to continue the distinct atmosphere of the series, because this was one of the success factors.

There is no release date yet, but Netflix says that the series “will be back for Season Two”.

SPOILER ALERT, ended the first season:

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