Zotac releases water-cooled video card

Hardware manufacturer Zotac has released a water-cooled video card with the Infinity Edition of the Nvidia GTX 580. The card is standard overclocked and features a closed water cooling system made by CoolIT.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 Infinity Edition, as the full name of Zotac’s water-cooled video card is in full, follows the reference design of Nvidia. Zotac has, however, increased the clock speeds of the card: the GPU is clocked at 815MHz instead of the standard 772MHz, and the shaders are overclocked from the usual 1544MHz to 1630MHz. The extra heat that is released during this has to be dissipated with the CoolIT Omni water cooling.

In collaboration with CoolIT, Zotac also supplies an upgrade kit that allows users to provide their video card with water cooling. The Omni kit is suitable for GTX 480, 570 and 580 series graphics cards based on Nvidia’s reference design. The Omni kit consists of a water pump, an aluminum radiator, a matching 120mm fan with a rotation speed of 1100 to 2500rpm and a so-called interposer, which ensures that the cooling block fits on the video card. Zotac has not yet announced prices or release dates for the new water cooling products.