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YouTube still shows commercials with very bad content

It’s starting to be a bit of a repetition exercise, but YouTube is back on fire because they are showing commercials from famous brands like Adidas, Netflix, Under Armor, Cisco, Facebook, Amazon and US government agencies on videos with Nationalist, Nazi, propaganda and even pedophile messages.

It shows that YouTube’s planned improvement of the selection of videos has not yet yielded the intended result. After the hassle around children’s videos that showed inappropriate content with advertisers, the problem continues.

Advertisers are logically not happy with these problems, because YouTube is one of their largest markets, with a large part of their often younger target group active on the site. Every day, a billion hours of video are viewed by over a billion users, so there are a lot of advertisements. A spokesperson for the video site promised – again – improvement, but why does this still happen?

Two Sizes

You can sign up as a channel with at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 viewed hours in the last year to make money from advertising. Loose videos can also be monetized with enough success even if the channel is not. So there have been restrictions on how easy it goes in response to the previous controversy, but it does not help enough. Once it is possible to run ads on videos, YouTube determines which ads are OK. Advertisers can set up filters for that, which determine what kind of videos they want to see.

Many ‘ordinary’ users, especially in the gaming sphere, are bothered by it and often do not get the opportunity to earn videos, but radical channels such as hate-mongers InfoWars, North Korean propaganda channel Red Star TV, Pedophile Amos Yee or Nazi Brian Ruhe somehow are not excluded from monetization. And nobody at YouTube can or will explain why.

She charges

The response of advertisers to this latest controversy is different: Under Armor and Nissan have no ads running on the platform for the time being and the rest is “investigating the situation”. It remains difficult for YouTube, given the crazy stream of new content. It does not, however, adorn them that well-known channels that are sometimes ‘wrong’ for years still have the opportunity to make money from videos and thus put advertisers in an uncomfortable position.

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