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15-year-old high school student helps his school to become digitally safer

Jurre is fifteen, is in 4 vwo and is ethical hacker. He has learned to program at a young age and now uses this knowledge to make his high school digitally safer. Deloitte made a mini documentary about Jurre to show others how, as an ethical hacker, you use your skills in a correct and responsible manner.

For example, what Jurre found out is that the new school lockers are very easy to hack and he could open them all at the same time. He then reported this digital leak to the school director and together they went looking for a solution.


In addition, this documentary confirms the importance of investing in young, technical talent: completely in the light of recent news coverage. about the shortage of technical staff. The six-minute documentary can be viewed below:

Ethical hacker

We have come to Jurre’s eye because his father works at Deloitte (also) as an ethical hacker. This has been the reason to have a short documentary developed, in which we show that when you involve these talents from an early age and accompany them in ethical hacking this is paying off.

Jurre is very aware of the fact that you can do something good as an ethical hacker, instead of using your knowledge for your own gain. He helps, in consultation with the director, to make his school digitally safer.

Jurre also tries with his story to make his classmates enthusiastic about a profession in technology.


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