YouTube Partner Program Has Two Million Creators And Made 25 Billion

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YouTube says there are two million ‘creators’ affiliated with its Affiliate Program. Those are creators who can make money from ads on the platform. In the past year, YouTube claims to have paid out a record amount to those makers.

It is the first time that the number of creators in the program exceeds two million, YouTube writes. These are video makers who meet certain requirements. They must have at least 1,000 subscribers who have watched at least 4,000 hours of videos in the past 12 months. Such creators are eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. That means they can make money from ads, donations, or live streams.

YouTube also says it is paying out more and more money to those creators. In the past three years, according to YouTube, more than thirty billion dollars, or about 25 billion euros. In the second quarter of last year, it would even amount to seven billion dollars or about six billion euros.

The video streaming service also says it sees success in its policies around videos that break the platform’s rules. The company only provides figures for the fourth quarter of last year. Back then, only 0.18 percent of all views on the platform would be accounted for by such content.

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