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Your Hue lights can react to movies and games with a new app

The Hue Sync app for PC and Mac is off and that means that you can now let your Hue lights react to movies and games you play. Hue Sync automatically ensures that the colors of the Hue lights in the neighborhood are synchronized with what is happening on your screen, making it all just a little better. In music, the software even analyzes where the size is and ensures that the lamps go at the right pace.

You might be familiar with the story, because Philips previously announced a Hue Entertainment pilot with the same idea. That has now come true in the Hue Sync system with this app. Philips has been working for years to refine the technology that works with what appears on your image, but now everyone with Hue lights can finally really get started. Remember, however, that the Sync app is different from your current Hue app.

Fully automatic

The software is super simple: you just have to choose between audio, video or gaming in the app’s menu and then you do not need to set anything else. You can still choose from four different modes of intensity, from subtle to intense. You can even indicate in the music mode which palette of colors to use, so that no bright colors come to your singer-songwriter tunes and you will not be saddled with pastels when you’re playing metal.

There is indeed a way to get the effect in your living room on the TV, says Philips. Then you have to stream your content from a computer via an Apple TV, Chromecast or other streaming capability. That is not ideal, but if you really want to have the effect of an Ambilight without buying a new TV it is in any case a solution. Hopefully, the app will eventually be made available for smart TVs, because even if the Philips TVs sold makes a difference, it could sell quite a few Hue lamps.

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