Never before has there been so much Boost in an Adidas shoe

If you think that the world of running shoes mainly innovates in terms of colors, then you are completely wrong. The running shoe of today is more technical than ever. And the secret is in the sole. In recent years, manufacturers of running shoes have been devoting themselves to making soles that give runners more power through sales. And similarly, Adidas who has been doing this for a while with the Boost line. Now Adidas comes with a shoe that gives you even more energy every step of the way – with the most boost to date: the Solar Boost. And that is exactly what you want as a runner. Because more energy in every sale means faster and easier from A to B. On paper, PRs can therefore be killed.

Solar Boost: inspired by the sun

The name Solar Boost does not come out of the blue, of course. Research by Runner’s World shows runners prefer to run the sunrise or sunset because you get energy from the sun. And Adidas thought that was a nice link to their new shoe, which also gives an extra boost.
The Solar Boost is also an extremely light shoe that is again 15 grams lighter than its predecessor Energy Boost. Then you will think “15 grams, you do not feel that difference” but in the world of running, every gram that you have to take fewer means faster at the finish line.

And also durable

Perhaps you have seen the Adidas Parley ; a shoe made from recycled plastic from the ocean. Adidas worked for this shoe together with Parley for the Oceans, an organization that works to reduce plastic from the oceans. In the sole of the Adidas Solar Boost are also parts of this recycled material. That is not as much as in the Adidas Parley, which consists of 95 percent plastic, but every bit helps. Recycled plastic is woven into a thread that accompanies the production process. You see and feel nothing at all, but it also makes the Solar Boost a somewhat durable shoe.

Does that really work?

The only way to find out if that really works – extra energy in every outlet – is, of course, going on. And of course, you have to test the Solar Boost during a sunset run. The Solar Boost is for me the first Adidas Boost shoe that I have under my feet and that is actually the best way to experience the effect properly. Especially when you walk on a hard surface (like on the road) you feel that every outlet goes very smoothly. As if there is an extra feather under your foot. Not that I have already tested that, but for a long run, it seems to me a very nice shoe, because you can simply use some extra energy.

In the forest, when you walk on a soft surface, which already springs something with it, you feel that effect a little less. But that does not mean that you do not enjoy the Solar Boost in the forest, because that is true. This shoe is so wonderfully light that you do not even feel the shoe. And a light shoe I personally find very nice to walk within the forest.

In terms of comfort, the Solar Boost is also very good. The shoe is almost seamless and attracts you like a sock. Laces are actually only to adjust the fit a little bit.

The Adidas Solar Boost isavailable in different colors for 160. Is this the shoe that will help you with a PR? It could just happen. With a sole with 85 percent Boost and the best damping ever you can at least not blame your material!