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You can now video chat in a group via WhatsApp

After Facebook and Instagram it is now WhatsApp . In May the chat service announced that next year group video chats will be possible via WhatsApp. Now the time has come!

WhatsApp video chat for groups

From today the new feature is available all over the world, for iOS and Android. Four people can participate simultaneously in the group chat with video or audio. It does not matter where you are and how far away you are from each other. If you can be online, you can video chat, even with a non-optimal network connection.

More personal

To video chat, you must first start a one-to-one conversation. After that, up to two other users can be added to the video chat. Just like with regular chats, end-to-end encryption is also used for video chatting.

Every month there are 1.5 million active users on Whatsapp. A large part of them will also discover the video chat. This makes chatting more personal than just a typed message.

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