Xiaomi announces cheap action camera

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Xiaomi has announced the Mi Pro Action Camera, an action camera equipped with a 16-megapixel sensor from Sony’s Exmor R BSI generation. The camera costs 57 euros, but will initially only be available on the Chinese market.

The f/2.8 Exmor R BSI CMOS sensor can shoot images over an angle of 155°. The Mi Pro is capable of shooting 1080p images at 60fps, according to Xiaomi. At a resolution of 720p, 120 frames per second are achieved, while in 480p mode 240fps would be possible. The images are processed by an Ambarella A7LS image processor.

Xiaomi has provided the 72-gram action camera with 16GB of storage via an included microSD card. Connection to the camera is via WiFi, while a 1010mAh battery is also integrated. Xiaomi states that the housing of the camera allows images to be shot at a depth of 40 meters underwater.

The Mi Pro, which has to compete with GoPro cameras, will initially be available on the Chinese market for approximately 57 euros, while a ‘holiday version’ with selfie stick will cost the equivalent of 62 euros. The manufacturer also plans to provide a kit to attach the camera to a pet. The action camera will also be released in the US later this year and possibly also in Europe.

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