Xbox One version PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will receive desert folder next month

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the Xbox One is slightly behind the original PC version in terms of development. Next month, in May, however, the Xbox One version gets a great addition to content in the form of the Miramar desert map.

PlayerUnknown, also known as Brendan Greene, announced the news ] during a panel at PAX East, a gaming fair. Further details about the release of the new folder should follow later. Miramar is the same size as the original island of Erangel but contains more large, open areas and the cities are also considerably larger and more varied. Also the supply of weapons and vehicles on this map is different.

On the PC side developer PUBG Corp. works. in the meantime to another new codenamed file Savage which is four by four kilometers instead of the eight by eight of the other two maps. That should ensure matches with a higher tempo. We are also working on War Mode a team deathmatch- like game mode in which the death of the player does not mean the end of the game. He can then jump out of an airplane again over the narrowed playing field. The team that first obtains the required amount of points wins. When this new folder and mode come to the PC release version, it is not known. The expectation is that they will eventually also come to the Xbox One version

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a popular so-called battle royale shooter Hundred players get into an airplane that flies over an uninhabited island. Players choose when they jump out and where they land. Once downstairs they have to gather weapons and equipment together, stay within the ever-shrinking playing field and make them last man standing . The game can be played in solo mode or in teams of up to four men.