Windows Phone 8.1 lets users customize tile backgrounds

Microsoft will probably let users customize the background of the tiles on the Windows Phone 8.1 homescreen. It is possible to choose a background yourself, but the tiles can also be made transparent.

An SDK for Windows Phone 8.1 that was previously put online already showed that users can choose their own background, but according to Windows Blog Italia it is also possible to adjust the tiles on the home screen. The site was handed screenshots showing some examples. Users can provide each tile with a self-chosen image. It is also possible to make the tile transparent, so that the underlying background becomes visible.

According to The Verge, which states that the screenshots that have appeared are real, not all applications that are displayed as tiles on the home screen can be adjusted. For example, with software from Microsoft itself, such as Office and Xbox Music, you can only choose a custom color.

Windows Phone 8.1 brings many new features to Microsoft’s mobile operating system. In addition to the sdk already mentioned, a video of the emulator showed many new features, including onscreen buttons, extensions for the notifications and more supported screen resolutions. The OS must also receive support for the Modern UI apps developed for Windows 8.