‘Google is working on in-car system under the name Projected Mode’

Google seems to be working on in-car software under the name Projected Mode. Cars could make connections with Android smartphones. A simplified Android interface would be displayed on the dashboard and give access to smartphone functions.

A description of the possibilities of the as yet unannounced Projected Mode was given by car manufacturer Daimler. He posted a vacancy online for a developer who must be involved in the implementation of Google’s in-car system. Among other things, features such as navigation, messages, phone calls and multimedia playback in conjunction with a paired smartphone are discussed. Projected Mode must appear on all Daimler cars worldwide, the manufacturer said.

Several manufacturers are already working on Android in the car. However, no version of the software specifically intended to run in the car has yet been officially released. Google has joined forces with a number of manufacturers in the Open Automotive Alliance to accelerate Android for the car development. There was already talk about integration with smartphones.

Google has not yet officially announced Projected Mode, so the details about the in-car system are not all available yet. Google has already indicated that the first cars with software from the Open Automotive Alliance should appear this year.

Competitor Apple will soon be available in the car with iOS; A demonstration video of the software was previously released. Car manufacturers Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo are said to have expressed interest. The release will probably coincide with that of iOS 7.1.