Windows 8.1 update will improve performance

A relatively minor update to Windows 8.1 should reduce the operating system’s load on both memory and hard drive, a Microsoft watcher reports. As a result, Windows 8.1 should also be able to run on cheap tablets.

Exactly how Microsoft is tinkering with Windows 8.1 to ensure that the operating system draws less heavily on memory and hard disk, Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley does not know, only that it concerns work ‘behind the scenes’. ‘. She would have heard that from anonymous sources within the software giant. The lower tax should also make Windows 8.1 suitable for cheap, small tablets, the Microsoft watcher writes.

She also reports that the update, which has not yet been officially announced, will come on March 11. The update is likely to be rolled out as a regular patch on Patch Tuesday, Microsoft’s monthly patch round. In recent months, it has been rumored that Windows Phone and the desktop and tablet versions of Windows would be more integrated, but according to Foley there is no indication that that will happen in that update. Windows Phone 8.1 may be coming in April, according to Foley.

Previously, screenshots of the update for Windows 8.1 were leaked, which showed, among other things, that apps from the Modern UI environment can be pinned to the taskbar of the traditional Windows environment. This appears to be another step by Microsoft to make the Modern UI interface more melded with the traditional Windows environment. This is rumored to be further implemented with Windows 9, which was set to release in April 2015 and would offer the ability to run Modern UI apps in a window within the traditional windowed environment.

Furthermore, the Modern UI environment in the new update would get a button to turn off the computer, so that fewer actions need to be performed to turn off the computer.