Windows 10X includes ‘modern explorer’

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An internal document from Microsoft shows screenshots of Windows 10X, the OS that comes with the Surface Neo with two screens. The Windows variant is also coming to laptops and includes a modernized explorer.

The Windows 10X document, published by Walking Cat was discovered but has since been taken offline, speaks of the presence of a ‘Modern File Explorer’. That refers to a Universal Windows App version of the explorer. UWPs are modern Windows applications in the appx file format that run on all modern Windows variants and include improvements in updating and security, among other things. It is not known which improvements the new explorer contains exactly, but it is probably optimized for operation via touch, The Verge expects.

The document also shows the new Start Menu, which was already visible when the Windows Neo was announced. Microsoft calls this menu the “Launcher” and places the emphasis on searching and dynamically displaying frequently used apps, files and sites.

Microsoft has further streamlined facial recognition with Windows Hello on Windows 10X; users can immediately use the desktop environment after authentication. In addition, the developer has simplified the Action Center and the quick settings to allow faster access to the most important settings.

Finally, the document makes it clear that Windows 10X is not only intended for dual-screen devices, such as the Surface Neo, but also regular laptops.

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