Windows 10 Preview provides more comprehensive control over drivers in Device Manager

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Microsoft is going to give Windows 10 users more control over drivers. In Device Manager, therefore, not only can the devices be managed, but the drivers will also be easier to view and update.

Microsoft is announcing that as part of the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21382, which can now be found in the Dev channel. The company says that the Device Manager can now look at “devices by drivers,” “drivers by type,” and “drivers by devices.” In addition, there is an ‘add drivers’ button that installs new drivers ‘on all applicable devices’ in one fell swoop.

Microsoft also makes it possible for users with a display with HDR to indicate that certain apps should still display their colors based on an ICC color profile. This should make it possible for apps like Adobe Photoshop to display colors on HDR-enabled monitors as intended by the app.

The next major update for Windows 10, the May 2021 Update or 21H1, is about to be released. Microsoft hasn’t set a definitive date for it yet, but given the name and the fact that the Bug Bash program before this version is about to end, it looks like the release is coming soon. However, since these new features have just hit Insider circles, it’s more likely that these features will appear in the next release, 21H2.

Image: Windows Insider Channel Fan Page: Quick look at Windows 10 Insider preview build 21382 DEV Channel Released May 14th 2021

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