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Winamp gets the first update in years this week and promises a big upgrade in 2019

The company behind Winamp music player, Radionomy, releases this week the first update in years. This is version 5.8. Next year there will be a much larger upgrade on the schedule, which has to bring streaming services, podcasts, and other music together in one app.

The version 5.8 to be released now mainly offers fixes for bugs, reports TechCrunch. The interface and functions remain the same as with the current version. The update appeared unannounced on the internet last month, but has not yet officially been released. Version 5.8 also removes all Pro functions from Winamp, something that Radionomy had already promised for the acquisition for 2015.

With version 6 there should be a new version of Winamp, with a focus on mobile apps. They have to bring together music from all kinds of sources, such as streaming radio, podcasts, and local mp3s. How that will happen exactly and how that will look like is as yet unknown. Also which online services will support the new Winamp is still unclear.

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