Will the sleeper cab in the plane soon be affordable?

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It seems like a nice dream: just being able to sleep in a plane . Not everyone can just sit in the chair and there are a lot of gadgets and pillows that you try to help with sleeping on the plane. Most people would love to just lie down, but that is simply not possible or completely unaffordable.

Airbus and Zodiac Airspace are working with a partnership that has to make it affordable to go to sleep and the solution is in the cargo hold. The two groups have together made a kind of sleeping module which is made exactly to the size of the cargo space of an aircraft and is therefore also removable. Such a module should provide space for about 10 people, if we can properly assess the photos and the video in the tweet below. For example, an airline can offer extra beds relatively easily on flights where there is (loading) space for this.

Still waiting

That means that in the hopefully near future it should not be impossible to get a bed for a night flight. Let’s face it: that is still not very cheap, you can already see that on the further luxurious space that is in the semi-bunk beds, but as Airbus and Zodiac say: that’s how society can offer something different than others. Until everyone is going to offer it, of course.
The modules are not yet ready to fly, but according to Airbus and Zodiac Aerospace the response from various airlines is overwhelmingly positive. Both parties also have experience with lower deck facilities for the crew, so they also know what they are doing. Initially, an adjustment is offered for the A330, which should be ready by 2020. That means waiting a while until you are transported to far away places!

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