Twitter makes TweetDeck available exclusively to verified customers

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TweetDeck will become a Twitter feature available only to verified users in early August. Customers must therefore purchase a Blue subscription to access the dashboard function.

The changes will take effect in 30 days, it said social media on Twitter. Technically, this concerns the release of the new TweetDeck interface that has been available in preview for several years. Current users of the free version of the feature can import their dashboard into the new version starting August 4, provided they have a Blue subscription.

The updated TweetDeck has been in the making for some time, but the actual release comes shortly after the temporary daily limit on the number of tweets that can be read and the banning of non-logged in users on Twitter. The changes surrounding TweetDeck, on the other hand, would have nothing to do with that writes The Verge based on statements from employees of the social medium. Twitter is said to be removing old APIs to prevent scraping, causing the legacy version of TweetDeck to no longer work. By the way, reading limits also apply to the new dashboard.

TweetDeck was originally an independent company, but became part of Twitter after an acquisition in 2011. Since then, little has happened around the dashboard, but Twitter has been paying more attention to it since last year. Until now, the Twitter feature has always been free for everyone to use. This will soon require a verified account, which requires a Twitter Blue subscription. This subscription ensures that users get additional features, including an Undo Tweet function and the signature blue check mark.

We have just launched a new, improved version of TweetDeck. All users can continue to access their saved searches & workflows via by selecting “Try the new TweetDeck” in the bottom left menu.

Some notes on getting started and the future of the product…

—TwitterSupport (@TwitterSupport) July 3, 2023

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