Why are some advertisements so annoying?

Carglass repairs, Carglass replaces … Advertising blocks on TV are often to cry, and to cry even harder. You are completely out of the program or the film, but the advertisements itself are generally not very interesting either. The only advantage is that you have time to put chips in a container and pour a glass of wine. And since advertising breaks take longer and longer, you also have time to spend a few minutes on the toilet.

Irritating advertisements

Why are some advertisements so annoying? There is often a reason behind this. It is not the case that the creators of the Zalando advertisements really find it very funny to let the customers scream when they see the deliverer. Just like most TV viewers think this is anything but funny. Why are they doing it then?

Attention is attention. Generating irritation is negative attention, but it does stick. We people are so composed that we remember negative information faster than positive ones. It does not always work, because irritating advertisements also lead to a negative association with that brand or product. The more we see the advertisements, the more irritating it becomes. However, irritation can sometimes work to promote a brand or product.

Negative attention

Cleaning products can benefit from negative attention. People need the product, so buy it anyway. And do not buy Ruby fabric softener because the advertising of the Gerstanovich family is so insanely irritating, we do not. We do not think about that, because the product is too ‘small’ for that. The brand association is less important with this type of products. This is mainly about brand awareness.

Social media

An additional advantage is that social media talk about advertising. And yes, especially about the annoying advertisements. Free promotion! KPN’s recent Marietje advertisement has gone totally viral. Opinions are strongly divided. One part thinks the advertisement is extremely cute and another part is disgusted by the fakeness and gets annoyed by it. That will be KPN’s worst, because viral is viral.

Two more advertisements that remain, and not in a positive way. Just to excite some irritation. You’re welcome.