WhatsApp user can get a notification from company when product is in stock

WhatsApp users can automatically receive a notification from companies with a WhatsApp Business account when a product is back in stock. That is one of the changes to the api that Facebook announced at its own developer conference F8 Refresh.

Companies could already send certain notifications to customers via WhatsApp, but were subject to a time limit of 24 hours. As a result, it was not possible, for example, to inform customers when a product is back in stock, WhatsApp says. In addition to notifications about stock, users can also receive more types of notifications such as those from health authorities about the corona pandemic, the company says.

In addition, WhatsApp wants to make answers to companies easier. Companies can therefore offer ten suggested options via their account, after which users can select them in the chat. This eliminates the need for users to type an answer.

Another change for WhatsApp Business customers is that SMEs should be able to get started with the service faster. The time to set it up has been reduced from a few weeks to five minutes, according to the company.

WhatsApp Business, F8 Refresh