WhatsApp sends lawyer to apps that use chat notifications in their own apps

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WhatsApp has sent a lawyer letters to developers of Android apps who use the notifications of the chat app in their own apps. According to WhatsApp, the apps do not have the right to function that way.

In the letter which one of the developers has put on Reddit, says that WhatsApp finds that the developer violates the conditions of WhatsApp . According to the developer this is incorrect, because his app receives the messages via the Notification api in Android and sends the answers via the same system as Quick Reply.
Except the developer of Direct Chat that WhatsApp- conversations such as Facebook Messenger, the developer of Can not Talk has received a letter, writes XDA-Developers . This app uses the same api to allow users to automatically answer WhatsApp messages when they are in the car or in a meeting for example.
It is unknown how it will proceed now. It appears that the letter contains incorrect assumptions about how the apps work, and it is unlikely that WhatsApp could prohibit other developers from communicating with WhatsApp notifications via Android standard APIs.

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