WhatsApp gets function for video calling with a group and stickers

Facebook has announced a number of innovations for WhatsApp at its own developers’ conference F8. This makes it possible to make video calls with a group and there is support for stickers.

According to The Verge, the director of WhatsApp, Mubarik Imam, does not have many details about how video calling with a group works exactly in his work. but from a video shown it was clear that the new functionality makes it possible to videotape up to four people with at the same time.
WhatsApp gets in line with other apps such as Facebook Messenger and the China popular WeChat, also support for stickers. Facebook gives third parties the opportunity to develop their own collection of stickers. Stickers could already be used in WhatsApp via external apps and there was already support for adding some stickers to photos sent via WhatsApp.
The new functionalities will be available to users somewhere in the coming months. During the conference, Imam also announced that the WhatsApp chat app now has more than 450 million daily visitors worldwide and that more than 2 billion minutes of video and audio messages are made daily.