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Version 28 of the Linux distribution Fedora has been released. Fedora is the non-commercial successor to Red Hat Linux, which since 2003 has been operating as Red Hat Enterprise Linux on the business market. Fedora comes standard with the GNOME desktop environment, but versions with for example MATE, Cinnamon, KDE and Xfce are also available. The operating system is available in the Workstation, Server and Cloud flavors. Extensive release notes can be found on this page this is a short extract from the announcement:

What’s new in Fedora 28?
The headline feature for Fedora 28 Server is the inclusion of the new Modular repository. You can choose between Node JS or Django, so you can choose the software you need for your software. Interested? Check out the documentation for using modules . Also of note: 64-bit ARM (Aarch64) is now a primary architecture for Fedora Server.
Fedora 28 Workstation has big news too. For the first time, we are making it easy for users to enable certain third-party software sources, including proprietary Nvidia drivers. We’ve worked for a long time to figure out our ideals, and I think the opt-in approach we’re trying now does it well. Read more in the Magazine article on third-party repos and also check out other F28 Workstation news .
Fedora Atomic Host adds one of my favorite features a sysadmin: automatic updates. This is off by default – see the AutomaticUpdatePolicy option for rpm-ostree, and this blog post for more information . Fedora Atomic Host also includes Kubernetes 1.9 and the podman tool.
As always, there’s great new stuff in the whole distribution – read more in the release notes .


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