Warframe Expansion Fortuna Coming to PC in November

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In November, ‘Fortuna’, the latest expansion for Warframe, will be released for PC. The consoles will get the expansion ‘a little later’. Fortuna includes a new area and an addition to Warframe’s story. An exact release date is not yet known.

Developer Digital Extremes reports that Fortuna also includes new enemy units, new missions and a unique ecosystem. Players can traverse the landscape with a hoverboard, which also comes with the expansion. According to The Gaming Ground, Fortuna is four to five times larger in area than the Plains of Eidolon, the area of ​​the expansion of the same name that came out in October 2017. Judging by the dimensions of developer Steve Sinclair, this means that Fortuna’s size is somewhere between 9 and 11.25 square kilometers.

In Fortuna, the player has to assist the Solaris United faction by taking on missions. They have ended up in a penal colony of the Corpus, one of the enemy factions in the game, and want to escape. The update will not come with the release of the Nintendo Switch version of Warframe. This one comes out November 20. Fortuna was first announced at Tennocon 2018. The event was organized by Digital Extremes and was all about Warframe.

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