W3C Promotes Web Audio API to Official Standard

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The World Wide Web Consortium has declared the Web Audio API an official standard. The decision opens the way for further development of the JavaScript API, in the form of a v2 version with more features.

The promotion to official standard is the result of a long W3C journey for the Web Audio API. A W3C working group published the first draft for the API in 2011. It is a high-level JavaScript API for processing and using audio in websites and web applications. The api is complementary to the

Numerous services already use the api, including SoundCloud, Ableton, Google Meet and Stadia and Spotify. Browser builders such as Mozilla have also supported the api for some time and there is an annual Web Audio conference where the development is discussed. According to the W3C, this broad support has contributed to the status of a W3C Recommendation standard. The organization is already working on Web Audio API v2, which will build on the current standard and provide more complexity and features for developers. It is unknown when work on version two will be completed.

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