Vivaldi browser will have the option of two tab bars

Browser Vivaldi gets a function to divide tabs over two horizontal bars. This will allow more tabs to fit in the image with enough width to display a page title than a single bar allows.

The feature is integrated with Tab Stacks, a feature to collect several tabs under a single tab, Vivaldi says . Next to the page title is the number of the number of tabs that can be found in that collection and these then open in a bar below the regular bar with tabs.

Vivaldi thinks the feature makes it easier to keep more tabs open at once. The Tab Stacks feature has been around for six years. Users don’t need to use the second tab bar: there is also a compact mode that displays the stacks of tabs above the tab itself. There is also a vertical view that places the tabs on the side. The feature is in version 3.6 which is available from Thursday.

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