Viking survival game Valheim breaks the barrier of 500,000 simultaneous players

Released on Steam at the beginning of this month, the Viking survival game Valheim has recently broken the barrier of 500,000 simultaneous players. This places Valheim in the top three on the gaming platform.

Based on figures from SteamDB, it appears that Valheim was played simultaneously by 502,387 players on Sunday, February 21. That was never this high before. With that, Valheim has passed the peak of the number of simultaneous players at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Only Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are still doing better: For Dota 2 that number was systematically well over 600,000 last weekend and the weekends before that, and for CS: GO that number is usually well over a million players.

Developer Iron Gate released Valheim on Steam on February 2, and two weeks later it had sold more than two million copies . Recently, the developer announced that Valheim has been sold more than three million times . The game is also doing well on Twitch according to Iron Gate; there it would be the seventh most streamed game, with over 20 million hours of gameplay footage viewed.

Valheim is only available as an early version for 16.79 euros. The game uses procedurally generated environments in which up to ten players must survive. The goal is to reach Asgaard. In Norse mythology this is the name of the place where the gods live; Midgard is the name for the human kingdom. In Valheim, players can work together to create objects and buildings, construct buildings and fight monsters.