Video Shows Unreleased HD Remaster Of Shenmue I And II

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Sega had plans to make an HD remaster of Shenmue I and II, with better graphics than the August remasters. This is evident from images that Digital Foundry has put online.

Eurogamer’s technical department is showing the footage in an extended video, comparing it to footage from the Shenmue I and II remasters released last August for PlayStation 4 and PC. Those remasters do show the games in a higher resolution than the original titles that came out on the Dreamcast around the turn of the century, but have no graphic improvements.

Sega said in a statement to Eurogamer that it did indeed have plans for a “full-hd remaster” of Shenmue I and II, but that project would have presented many challenges. The original animations and characters were used and, according to Sega, improving the graphics didn’t deliver the results Shenmue fans “expect and deserve.” Because Sega was not satisfied with the development, the publisher chose to release a remaster that changes little to the graphics.

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