‘Vase DLC’ for Far Cry 6 launches November 16

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Ubisoft will be adding a DLC campaign to Far Cry 6 on Tuesday dedicated to the villain of the third installment in the game series, Vaas Montenegro. The downloadable content, titled Insanity, is part of the game’s paid Season Pass.

The DLC features roguelite gameplay, a different genre from the main game. Players start the game with only a gun and must search for new weapons and power-ups along the way, many of which are lost again when the player dies. Michael Mando, aka Nacho Varga on the Better Call Saul television series, speaks again into the voice of Vaas. The story, according to Ubisoft, should delve deeper into the past, the “personal demons” and the motives of the Far Cry 3 villain.

In addition to Insanity, DLC packs based on the villains of part four and five, respectively, will be released in January and March; Pagan Min and Joseph Seed. The ‘Classic Edition’ of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon should also be available to Season Pass owners next month. The Season Pass costs 40 euros. In addition to the paid DLC, Ubisoft will also add free DLC based on Rambo and Stranger Things in the coming months.

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