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Valve removes references to Steam Machine from website

I see that totally from a different perspective. The mass and gross of consumers sees Console as the primary product and that comes with pre bundled and installed OS. The console mass gamer mainly sees a console first. Hardware that you buy to be able to start with a platform.
They are massive group that are sensitive to purchase price and most important at console competition, exclusives so the games are important there.
So Consoles is the hardware and OS strongly bundled and closed and one sees as 1 product. And one also looks at exclusive games. The mass driven by must-have exclusives such as Halo XB uncharted PS is Steam OS therefore already unreasonable.But if you are open then the hard binding is not there and the steam machine console is more of a try to clearly profile the competition where hardware is first. You will have to arrange the specific hardware for PS and XB that OS is supplied with.
I see Steammachine as an extended attempt to compete more directly with Consoles.
With linux steamos it is first and foremost a distro. That is the core that is where the better status of drivers comes from. Where hardware is secondar and optional, that idea might be invented later on.
Where you can optionally buy hardware that is printout of console but PC.
What the non PC but Console gamer may not be safe from, but PC gamer but that there primary effort is a distro.
Where it is not the mass but linux PC market that xpliciet windows want to avoid regardless of who has the exclusive crown. Those are PC veterans who know that Distro is offered in smokescreen of console. And price is just a PC and not with console dump prices. And most linux pc veterans prefer to choose their hardware themselves. It has to be a linux game people’s niche market where the drive is more about hate against that other OS. That is small niche market.
So steam OS is not a result of steam machines. But steam machines was more attempt to promote that distro among more common console people. So the better drivers are more due to Distro
The failure of Valve in console market is that in that market it is about exclusives and not OS hate. That is too small and not very commercially attractive. Niche market where the crowd is talking about the games.
So given their capital within rakes with steam as their core bussnes they had to develop several studios or 5 triple A excusive games linux native
To push even more even SteamOS exclusive
They even have large IP.
So see earlier that Valve does not have the balls to really push.
Apparently, inside grazing is more important than long-term pushing the linux game market heavily.
Windows offers as target most PC exclusives compared to Mac and Linux.
Where Wine is sufficient for window hater that is small barrier. Is for commercial big delgroup the console market and mass PC gamer something that is big barrerre.
I game on Console and windows.
Want me to come to steamos then exclude when there is must have triple A exclusive game comes
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