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Facebook will require advertisers to request permission for use data

Facebook is working on a way to oblige advertisers to seek permission for the use of personal data for the purposeful delivery of advertisements. It concerns Custom Audiences, in which companies can indicate to whom they want to advertise.

With Custom Audiences, companies can submit lists of personal data, for example e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, to Facebook. The social networking site then uses that list to get the advertisements to the desired persons. For the use of the personal data an advertiser already had permission, but Facebook wants to make it clearer and more explicit that this permission must be present, as states TechCrunch on the basis of information provided by a spokesperson. 19659002] Facebook comes with a tool in which advertisers must indicate that the information they upload on the site has been obtained with the permission of the user. How the tool will look exactly, and how Facebook will enforce the rules, is not yet clear. The software is still being built and the spokesman did not provide detailed information.
A few weeks ago Facebook came under fire because of the incident with Cambridge Analytica, where personal information from users was collected to create profiles of people, and then directed attempts to change the opinion of those people. Although Facebook states that the new permission tool has nothing to do with this, Facebook has been busy for some time with user privacy under pressure from governments.
Last week Facebook already announced that it stops with the so-called Partner Categories , with which it is also possible to advertise by using data that has been delivered externally. Although that will not be possible soon, advertisers can still bring their own data, as long as they promise that this will be used with the permission of the owner.

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