Valve releases update that should counter bot problem in Team Fortress 2

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Valve has made several improvements to Team Fortress 2. The game has been struggling with a bot problem for quite some time. That is why, among other things, the voting system has been adjusted, whereby players can vote bots from the game sessions more quickly.

A month ago, Valve promised it would work on improvements to Team Fortress 2 after players called attention to the state of the game via an online protest. Bots are flooding Team Fortress 2’s servers en masse, causing a nuisance with spam messages, crashes, cheating with superhuman playing abilities, and unfair removal of players from game sessions.

Valve has released the promised update on Tuesday. This should partially solve the problems with bots and cheating. This way, the two teams can start a votekick in a match at the same time. This allows bots and cheaters to be voted out of the game session faster. Several exploits have also been removed, including one that allowed the in-game text chat to be erased.

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