Valve adds in-game music player to Steam

Valve is going to add Steam Music to the Steam download platform. The new service makes it possible to listen to your own music while playing a game. The service works from the Big Picture and SteamOS interface. The service will go into beta soon.

Valve has not announced when the Steam Music beta test will start. The developer keeps it to ‘soon’. If you want to participate in the beta, you can register with the ‘Steam Music community group’. Steam Music must make it possible to listen to music from its own music collection while playing a game via Steam. The custom folder with music can be selected from the Big Picture Mode interface and from SteamOS. Steam then automatically recognizes album titles and artists and the user can then select the music on that.

If you have a prototype of the controller that Valve wants to deliver with the SteamBox, you can open the selection menu via the Guide button on the controller. If you play with mouse and keyboard, you can start the music service via the menu of Big Picture Mode. When music has started, the title of the song being played will be visible in the Steam overlay. From there you can manage the active playlist.