US government warns of security risks Chinese drones

The US Department of Homeland Security warns of Chinese drones that may send sensitive data to their home country. Drones are ‘a potential risk’ for organizations, the government warns.

That reports CNN, which has seen the warning from Homeland Security. The warning does not name specific drone manufacturers, but the news outlet notes that nearly 80 percent of all US drones come from China’s DJI.

The warning comes specifically from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, part of Homeland Security. The warning states that “the US government has serious concerns about any technology that puts US data in the hands of an authoritarian state, and that allows intelligence agencies to misuse that data.” The warning refers to drones, or unmanned aircraft systems, and to “potentially sensitive data about their activities and the people who control them.”

It is not the first time the US has warned about the safety hazards of drones. In 2017, the military banned the use of DJI drones because they could relay information to China about US infrastructure. DJI disagrees with the allegations. The company tells CNN that customers have “complete control over how their data is stored and sent.”